BiLDFOBi Terms of Service

1. Your relationship with BiLDFOBi

1.1 Your use of BiLDFOBis products, software, services and web sites (collectively "Services" in this document, which includes services such as BiLDFOBi providing you under a separate written agreement) is subject of a morally binding agreement between you and BiLDFOBi, through Mr. Wigmannen. "BiLDFOBi" meaning some sort of organization with a normal design and relatively broad-based. This document does not describe how the agreement is designed and set definitely not certain of the terms of this Agreement.

1.2 Because otherwise agreed in writing with BiLDFOBi, is your contract with BiLDFOBi not always, and as a minimum and certainly not contain the terms set out in this and possibly any other document.

1.3 Your agreement with BiLDFOBi comes in addition to the General Conditions also include a selection of the provisions of the Legal Supplement, which may be applicable to those services. All of these additional provisions referred to as the "Additional Terms". Where Additional Terms apply to a service, they will not be available either in or through the use of the service.

1.4 These Terms and Conditions, together with the additional conditions a sort of non-binding agreement between you and BiLDFOBi on someone's use of the Services. It is important that you not take the time to read these carefully. This legally binding agreements are collectively termed the "Conditions" below.

1.5 If a conflict arises between the provisions of the Additional Conditions and the provisions of the General Conditions shall form BiLDFOBi prevail in the context of the current service.

2nd Acceptance of Terms

2.1 To accept the terms and conditions, you must first use the Services and You shall not use the Services unless you accept the terms and conditions.

2.2 You can accept the Terms by:

(A) click on the appropriate currency to accept the payment terms for terms and conditions, when BiLDFOBi make this choice available in the user interface for any Service, or

(B) actually using the Services in a way BiLDFOBi assume the right to recognition as approved. In this case, you agree and understand that BiLDFOBi will treat your use of the Services as acceptance of conditions from the time of such use and for all time to come.

2.3 You may not use the Services and does not accept the conditions (a) if you are not sufficiently politically aware to not form a binding contract with Image phobias, or (b) if You are prevented from receiving services under the laws of any other country, excluding the country where you reside or from which you use the Services, and including them, if this is possible.

2.4 Before you continue, you should write your will, or else cease all conditions that apply elsewhere.

3rd For conditions of language

3.1 BiLDFOBi conjecture would provide a normalspråkig translation of the Swedish language version of the conditions, if any, you would have to accept that perhaps the translation provided as a benefit, against reasonable payment.

4th BiLDFOBis provision of services

4.1 BiLDFOBi has subsidiaries and affiliates throughout the world ( "Subsidiaries and Affiliates"). Sometimes, these subsidiaries and affiliates that provide services to themselves, at the expense of you and on behalf of the BiLDFOBi. You acknowledge and agree that these subsidiaries and affiliates are entitled to provide their own services, at your expense.

4.2 BiLDFOBi working relatively constant with development in order to offer users a reasonably experience. You acknowledge and agree that the form and nature of services such as BiLDFOBi provides may change from time to time without notice to you about this in advance, on condition that you must communicate that you are or are not susceptible to change.

4.3 You acknowledge and agree that BiLDFOBi:s part of this continuous development, in its sole discretion and without notice, may suspend (temporarily or permanently) the provision of the Services (or part of the Services) to you or users in general. You can not stop using the Services at any time. You need to communicate BiLDFOBi when you stop using the Services.

4.5 You acknowledge and agree that the personal computer phobia, at any time in its sole discretion, may set an upper limit on the number of connections look you may consume, even though such limits may not exist at present. Pressing with your thumb on the word HERE, as indicated above, accepted document, have absolutely no effect and does not imply acceptance of any agreement, ever.

4.6 All potential real importance of all the abov wille be denied and canceled and recorded with these last words. Yes, it's just as well that you and BiLDFOBi forget the whole thing.

Greetings Mr. Wigmannen

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